Casa Kubaa Playblocks



The Casa Kubaa was designed by Koen Crommentuijn (Stoerrr ̵ Design)
and Marjan Verboeket (Studio PAPAS).

Marjan Verboeket studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven ̵ NL.
After her study, she started her own design company in 2001. In 2005 she also achieved
the qualifications to allow her to teach primary and higher education. She is currently
working as designer/owner at Studio Papas and specialises in designing
children’s play objects and outdoor play areas.

Koen Crommentuijn studied at the academy of visual arts in Maastricht ̵ NL. He graduated
as a teacher of arts in 1999 and set up his own design studio.
In august 2011 Koen started Stoerrr-design, under which he designs products and interiors for kids.

Koen and Marjan worked together from 2007 ̵ 2011 under the studio name Studio PAPAS.
They now combine their skills during projects they work on together, but with each
using their own specific design proficiencies.




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