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16 januari 2015

Kubaa Cube & Kubaa Brick


Kubaa Cube & Kubaa Brick ready for sale!

The Kubaa Cube & Brick.
Playful furniture by Stoerrr Design.

KubaaCube_greenKubaa Brick





The Kubaa Cube and Brick are the ideal link between innovative childrens toys and beautiful functional design for in a family living room.Kids can use their wildest of imaginations to create, build and climb with the toys, whilst their parents can use the colourful Cubes and Bricks as furniture  or use them to cordon off areas within rooms by creating walls and fences. The Cubes and bricks challenge children physically and mentally, providing endless moments of fun. Meantime mum and dad dont need to worry about storage space as their unique, beautiful design ensure that they are put to good use as an integral part of the living room.






The Cubes and bricks are made of the same materials as The Casa Kubaa, so durability is garanteed. The Cube measures 35cm x35cm x 35cm and is available in green and bronze and the Brick 70cm x 35cm x 35 cm and is available in red and blue.

Kubaa Cube and Brick are made of sustainable materials, are easy to clean and comply with all qualities as demanded by the EU regulations for toys EN71.

Ask for pricing Kubaa Cube & Kubaa Brick, or go to our contactpage;





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