Casa Kubaa Playblocks


STOE (16 van 22)

The Casa Kubaa is a joy the eye, attracting the attention of all ages and is popular amongst
both kids and adults. It can be used for all occasions where large numbers of children are
involved, such as sports days, play days, but also for events such as trade shows,
company openings, anniversaries and other large public events where people take their
families with them. The Casa Kubaa is also a  part of The Whole 9 Yards Kids Club,
the kids club for the hospitality sector, such as Hotels and Resorts.
Recently we have set up a partnership with Xpressief Coaching, kids coaching on therapy bases.
So the Casa Kubaa will be used in therapy sessions for kids with psychological issues.

If you are interested as a company or as a private customer,
feel free to contact us via or contact:

Carl Mills
Marketing Concepts & Sales

Stoerrr – Concepts & Design for kids
T. +31 (6) 81369098


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