Casa Kubaa Playblocks

Technical specs

P14 (21 van 36)

Technical specifications

Kubaa is made of polyether foam upholstered with a durable Vinyl fabric, tested 1 year
within different play environments and different age groups. This fabric is a unique material that possesses a
lot of important characteristics that allows it to be used in many different ways.
The blocks are soft and lightweight, easy to handle even for young kids.

The Vinyl fabric has a textile and a block dessin, these dessins can be both combined.


The following Casa Kubaa colours are available:
Lemon Green, Tomato red. Bronze, Ocean blue, Jeans blue and Choco brown.

The properties are attractive, resistant and easy to clean;

* Antimicrobial Protection, Antibacterial Protection, Antimycotic Protection
* Superior Abrasion Resistance
* Resistance to spitting and perspiration
* Urine and Blood Resistance
* Oil Resistance (Sunflower oil)
* Anti stain Finish
* Passes BS EN 71-3 safety for toys

Flame retardancy
*BS EN 1021 part 1 & 2

Easy to clean and maintain
*Wash with soap and water, rinse with clean water, pat dry with a soft cotton cloth.

The surface of this fabric has a textile structure that makes the blocks stable when placed on top
of each other. The blocks have also grip, even on slippery surfaces.

The actual colours you see on this website, may not correspond with the product you
receive after purchase. We strive to meet every effort to mail the exact colour you see
on the site.


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